What is the word "Declutter" mean to you?

The word declutter has made its rounds here at EQC a few times as we evolve and innovate in this project/idea.

Its officially been 2 years since we sold our first pair of clothing online, the market has been speaking for all of us, we want sustainability!

Sustainability here at EQC means to declutter not only your closet, but everything in your life that holds you from becoming that better for yourself and for everyone else around you, at the end of the day we humans are a network and work just like the very thing we use everyday such as the internet we truly CAN change the world!

Decluttering is not always easy, it takes work and human nature is to preserve energy. Here at EQC we pride ourselves with quality that can allow us to declutter and allow us to innovate, that quality can only come from our daily life values such as discipline, motivation, ambition and leadership.

EQC strives to store quality closets globally in order lead a new generation of fashion, one where we all trade each others closets and reduce consumption which is at an all time high.

Declutter with us!

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